Specialty Cleaning

We deliver exceptional results for these specialty cleaning areas...

Commercial Sanitation Services

Keep Your Employees & Customers Safe from the COVID-19 Virus

Making sure all areas — floors, walls, countertops — in your business are appropriately disinfected is especially important since the outbreak of COVID-19. The continuity of your business during these difficult times could very well depend upon the measures you take to ensure all surfaces are safe for your employees and customers.

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Kitchens, Bathrooms & Other Areas

Kitchens and bathrooms can be tricky to clean since traditional cleaning methods just spread germs around, contaminating all surfaces and not actually picking up and eliminating bacteria and odors. Even the most diligent worker is unable to do a good job with traditional tools like brooms and mops.

Ashford Services uses techniques and technologies that allow us to completely clean and sanitize your kitchen and bathroom facilities. Your busy kitchen or heavily used bathroom will have minimal down time, and we will leave it sparkling clean, germ-free, and smelling fresh.

clean commercial kitchen
Commercial kitchen

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and Walls

We can remove cooking grease, smoke stains and mildew from your existing ceiling tiles and walls taking less time than painting or replacing them. Our cleaning methodology results in zero downtime and zero unpleasant odors.

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clean acoustic ceiling tile
Acoustic ceiling tiles

Post Construction Cleanup

Building a new home or office is exciting, but cleaning up before moving in can be a hassle. The best way to clean a new home or office building after construction is to hire a company that offers post construction cleanup. Hey, that’s us! We offer construction site cleanup services for homes and businesses, and we’re very detailed.

We thoroughly vacuum the carpet, clean and polish the ceramic tile, wood laminate and/or roll tile linoleum floors. We wipe down the walls, remove the debris, clean the bathrooms and vacuum everywhere.

Read a story about how we saved a client $20,000 during a post construction project.

post construction cleanup
Post construction cleanup site