Client Stories

We have many interesting stories to tell when it comes to our clients' experiences, and here are a few from the recent past that we want to share with you. We hope that these stories motivate you to Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

109 Year Old Terrazzo Floor

In 2014, a nice lady who owned a large, old but well-maintained historic home in Jacksonville, Florida called Ashford Services to restore her 109-year old Turkish terrazzo floor. Prior to calling Ashford, she attempted to have the floor restored. Unfortunately, the wrong chemical was used and caused parts of the floor to be damaged.

We love terrazzo floors, and we treat them with tender care. So, when she called us, we knew we could take care of her. We were able to clean and restore her floor, including the parts that were damaged. Our client was so happy that we came to her rescue! Check out the photo below to see the results.

109 year old tarrazzo floor restored by Ashford Services
109-year old terazzo floor restoration

Heavy Traffic on VCT

In 2014, a heavy equipment rental company gave us a call to restore 2,000 square feet of VCT floors in one of their Jacksonville, FL locations. Quite some time before they called us, they had employed a provider to refinish their floors. Unfortunately, the product that the provider used did not hold up against their traffic - 500 people per day.  Their floors experienced pre-mature wear and damage. 

Since we know VCT floors very well, we used the appropriate high quality Hillyard products to strip and clean the floor.  Then, we applied two different Hillyard products in sequence for a total of 6 coats. Now, their floors are restored and equipped to handle their daily traffic. They couldn't be happier about the expert and thorough job we did!

Client Saved $20,000

In 2012, we received a call from a general contractor who was responsible for a construction project in North Carolina. During the post construction cleanup, one of the contractor’s employees used a sanding block to remove shoe marks from a high shine epoxy floor.  This method caused serious damage to the floor! The contractor considered having the floor replaced, but before he did, he gave Ashford a call.

We took a little trip to North Carolina and successfully restored the floor, saving the contractor $10,000 that he would have otherwise invested for a new floor.

You’ll be surprised to know, however, that the story doesn’t end there. It happened again! So, we put on our hero capes and took another trip to North Carolina, saving the contractor another $10,000.

That’s how Ashford was able to save a client $20,000, and we’re pretty sure the contractor now has us on his speed dial.

Client Testimonials

"The team was great!" — A-Jax Company Inc.

"Excellent job!!" — D.W. Allen Marine Services

"They did a great job! Thank you." — Tree House Academy

"I rarely give marks like this, but your team deserves it. Great job." — Moosehaven

"Absolutely the BEST floor service we've ever had. It looks beautiful! Thank you." — Jones Road Baptist Church